Construction Techniques-L6

  0.75 % carbon,
  0.7% manganese,
  0.8% chromium,
  0.25% silicon
  0.30% molybdenum
  1.5% nickel

Heat treating characteristics:
   critical temperature =1525 F
   64 Rockwell C as quenched.

  good wear resistance,
  bright color under etching (due to the nickel)
  good flexibility and toughness

  scavenged from industrial wood cutting band saw blades. Not all blades are L6 so it is critical to verify the composition. In my case, I inadvertently purchased a 24' x 6" wide blade when the local sawer sliced through one of my a live oak logs to discover an 80-year old logging chain deep in the tree. He had the receipt and it listed the composition as L6. With the aid of a friend and his plasma cutter, I now have a life-time supply of 2" x 4" x 0.030" pieces of L6.