Construction Tips - Magnetic Chuck

If you use a side-grinder to break the scale on a forged knife or use a plasma cutter to make components for Damascus billets, you may want to make the tool pictured here.  Get a large magnet embedded in a steel mount with a shaft socket (from the Surplus Center) or get a couple of welding grounding magnets (Harbor Freight 30754 @ $7.99  - on special at the retail stores for ~$4.00).  Mount the magnet on a shaft that is welded to a piece of scrap angle-iron or just bolt the grounding magnet to the angle iron (do whatever is needed to deep six the protrusion on the face side of the grounding magnet). If you want to try to control the filings, cover the magnet with a bit of stainless-steel heat treating foil and clamp the foil down with a radiator clamp. Put the angle iron in a vise, and you’ve got a functional magnetic chuck with enough ‘stick-to-it-ness’ to stabilize a blade or piece of light steel when grinding