C023  Sold


Bowie w/o false edge Date of Construction: 2003-01

Blade Characteristics
   Steel Type: 52100
   Composition  :  Tool steel
   Billet #  :  N/A
   Number of Layers: N/A
   Pattern: N/A
   Etch: N/A
   Polish: High
Dimension (inches)
      Length: 6.25
      Max Thickness: 0.148
      Min Thickness: 0.08
Handle Characteristics
   Grip Material: Cocobolo
   Grip Type : Guard & pommel
   Fittings Material: Mokume
   Fasteners: Pins only
Dimension (inches)
      Length: 5
      Max Thickness: 0.834
      Min Thickness: 0.767
      Max Height: 1.135
      Min Height: 0.654
Heat Treatment
   Austenization & Quenching
      Heat Source: Lava Pool
      Temperature (F): 1500
      Quench material: Salt Pot
      Quench temperature (F): 475
      Temperature (F): N/A
      Duration (hrs): N/A
      Repetitions: N/A

Full sheath provided

Steel Teeth : This blade and it's brother, C022, were forged from 52100 (I thought O1 was hard on the power hammer and my arm!). Both grips are cocobolo. The clip point bowie has brass fittings and the non-clip point has nickel-silver/copper mokume fittings. Both tangs are ~5/8" wide tapering to 1/4" over a 4" run. The clip point pommel is secured by bolting to the tang while the mokume pommel is secured by a pin (w sheath). They were differentially hardened using the Japanese clay coat technique resulting in.45-50 RC at the spine and, 55-60 RC at the edge. The guard and pommel are nickel-silver and copper mokume.

n/a  =  not applicable